TVK ZooDesign

TVK ZooDesign is a young and enthusiastic design team existing of landscape architects and architects. With our Dutch-design-approach we hope to change the current method of zoo design. We want to give a fresh and out-of-the-box perspective on zoo and enclosure design. Of course keeping in mind the most cost-effective solutions.

An overview of the services and products of TVK ZooDesign:TVK ZooDesign About

  • Enclosure and exhibit design
  • Master planning
  • Planting design and green advice
  • Landscape engineering
  • Architecture and engineering
  • From conceptual sketches to detailed and technical drawings
  • Planning and supervision construction phase
  • Basic cost calculations

We work closely together with the staff and engineers from the zoo or with selected architects and engineers in consultation with the zoo. The goal of TVK ZooDesign is to create enclosures, biotopes and large scale projects in close cooperation with the zoo. We specialize in landscape design (outdoor and indoor). The designs are based on the existing qualities of the zoo and landscape, the wishes of the zoo and of course the requirements of the animals.

As noticed, only project of GaiaZOO are posted on the website. These project have been constructed, but coming years other projects will be available from other zoos. Due to the good connection with GaiaZOO, TVK ZooDesign was able to design closely with the zoo team and realise in close cooperation several exhibits. The method of designing was picked up by other zoos, and now we are working on several other exiting projects.

Garden and park design

Next to zoo design, we also specialise in garden and park design. These are private garden, public spaces and parks. Next to designing and planning, we also advice on participation processes in larger projects like parks.