Tom Kraak TVK ZoodesignTom Kraak MSc
Landscape architect
SBA-number: 3.090601.002
Spoken languages: Dutch, English and German

Tom studied landscape architecture at the Wageningen University (Netherlands). For his thesis, he studied zoos around Europe. He analysed the history and future development of zoos, the structure and design of zoos and exhibits and the social positions of zoos. After graduating, he started working for several zoos with designs and advisory work.


Shafiq Khatibi TVK ZooDesign Shafiq Khatibi MSc
SBA-number: 1.130301.015
Spoken languages: Dutch, English and German

Shafiq studied architecture at the Technical University Delft (Netherlands). He is interested in the architecture of public buildings, for instances libraries, educational institutes, public transport stations and also zoos. Shafiq considers zoos as an important tool to educate people about the animal populations in the wild.


Isabella Hol TVK ZoodesignIsabella Hol BSc
Landscape designer
Spoken languages: Dutch, English

Isabella finds it challenging to create animal shelters where the visitor is guest in the empowering habitat of  certain species. In designs I like to re-use existing structures and materials, and implement surprising elements such as height difference and sneak peeks into the shelter. It is also challenging to combine artistic, man-made features with this natural design.


Scarlett Kooijmans TVK ZooDesign Scarlett Kooijmans
Photography and webmaster
Spoken languages: Dutch, English, Italian and German

Scarlett works part-time at TVK ZooDesign as a photographer. Her favourite topics for photographing are animals, gardens and nature.