Taiga aviary | GaiaZOO

Spiecies: monk vulture, griffon vulture, white scavenger vulture, lesser kestrel, waldrapp, Demoiselle crane, rock dove, European roller, azure-winged magpie, pied avocet, Eurasian stone curlew, northern shoveler, white-headed duck, tufted duck, furruginous duck and marbled duck
Size: 1.600m2
Design: March 2015 – Januari 2016
Status: opened in October 2016

The Taiga aviary is a large walk-through-aviary that tells the story of migrating birds between Asia and Europe. It forms the step in the Taiga routing between Europe and Asia. Key species are the monk and griffon vultures. Added are more than a dozen bird species to create a large aviary. The exhibit was constructed on the former bird demonstration area: the former stands (build of natural rocks) were used to create a diversity in the landscape between forested part and open part. The large height differences made it possible to add a waterfall coming from the former stand into the more open part. Centrally located is a view point for visitors that overviews the feeding spot for the vultures and the large pond. The design is made together with the curator, engineer and staff of GaiaZOO.