Alpine biotope | GaiaZOO

Species Ibex, vulture, owl species
Size 1.1 hectares
Period December 2011 – August 2012
Study for future designs

GaiaZOO asked TVK ZooDesign to develop a landmark that would complement the new lynx exhibit that was constructed in 2012 (design by GaiaZOO). Their first idea was an ibex exhibit as a combined panorama with the lynx exhibit. The design developed into an Alpine biotope with a new main path and new exhibits for two owl species, the Alpine marmot, crane birds, vultures and beavers. The beavers exhibit is part of the separation between the ibex exhibit and visitors. It is also part of a larger water system including a enlarged reservoir. The design will not be constructed, but remains part of other studies for GaiaZOO.