Invasive species | GaiaZOO

Species: Alexandrine parakeet, rose-ringed parakeet, monk parakeet, African sacred ibis, common pheasant, Carolina duck, mandarin duck, white headed, duck, red-eared slider (part of the Wolf Valley)
Size: 900m2
Design: October 2016 – January 2014
Status: opened in June 2014

Located between the Parakeet Paradise and Wolf exhibit is a large 900m2 walk-through-aviary. The exhibit is 9 meters high and houses several bird and turtle species. It is, just like the Parakeet Paradise, about birds and turtles that are invasive species in the Netherlands. After leaving this exhibit, visitors have a view over the wolf exhibit, but also walk along side an exhibit for raccoons and skunks. The design is made together with the curator, engineer and staff of GaiaZOO.