New red panda exhibit GaiaZOO | Himalaya

GaiaZOO has opened the new exhibit for red panda’s. Together with muntjacs, swans and ducks the panda’s live in an 1.100m2exhibit. Visitors can view the animals from different parts viewpoints at different heights. Also visitors of the Hof van Gaia can have an view into the exhibit. TVK ZooDesign was asked to study the different options for a red panda exhibit and to make a more detailed landscape design for the exhibit together with the team of GaiaZOO.

05 - Himalaya TVK ZooDesign

Opening African wild dog exhibit

The new African wild dog exhibit of GaiaZOO has opened in early 2016. Together with the team of GaiaZOO, a new large exhibit was designed. TVK ZooDesign was asked to design the landscape and plantings for the new exhibit. Special feature is the new pond which acts as a natural water storage and drains the slopes around the pond. At this way, the ground is not to wet for plantings and the African wild dogs have a natural drinking pool.

01 - Opening African wild dogs GaiaZoo