TVK ZooDesign present at EAZA Annual Conference 2017

EAZA conferentie TVK ZooDesign

TVK ZooDesign will be present at the EAZA Annual Conference 2017 at Wildlands Adventure Zoo (September 19th – 23rd ) in Emmen (Netherlands). Tom Kraak will be present several days of the conference. If you are interested in the work we have done or if you have questions about the office, please feel free to have a talk with Tom during the conference. It is also a good opportunity to see what we can do for your zoo in the future. Looking forward meeting you!

For more information on the EAZA Annual Conference please visit their website.

Opening Barbary macaque and Lynx exhibit

Lynx GaiaZOO TVK Zoodesign








On June 2 GaiaZOO opened their new exhibits for Barbary macaque and lynxes. TVK ZooDesign participated in several phases of the design. There is a new and larger exhibit for lynxes and the former lynx exhibit was extended for Barbary macaque. Check the project page for more information and photo’s.

Revitalizing green structure Zuidhoven

Magnolia TVK ZooDesignTVK ZooDesign was asked to redesign the green structure of some streets in the neighbourhood Zuidhoven (Dordrecht, NL). Together with the residents of the streets, the green structure was redesigned. The 60 year old magnolia’s trees will be the new focus point of the street with new shrubs and flowering plants around these trees. The design will be constructed in October 2017.


Taiga aviary GaiaZOO

The latest project in GaiaZOO is open: the Taiga aviary. The main bird is the monk vulture which is accompanied with a large group of other vultures, pigeons, crane birds, hoopoe and European roller. The aviary is the transition in the Taiga-part of the zoo between the European and Asian parts. Camels and the new red panda exhibit complement the “Asian-part” of the Taiga. TVK ZooDesign was asked to participate in the design at various levels.

01 - Taiga aviary GaiaZoo

New red panda exhibit GaiaZOO | Himalaya

GaiaZOO has opened the new exhibit for red panda’s. Together with muntjacs, swans and ducks the panda’s live in an 1.100m2exhibit. Visitors can view the animals from different parts viewpoints at different heights. Also visitors of the Hof van Gaia can have an view into the exhibit. TVK ZooDesign was asked to study the different options for a red panda exhibit and to make a more detailed landscape design for the exhibit together with the team of GaiaZOO.

05 - Himalaya TVK ZooDesign

Opening African wild dog exhibit

The new African wild dog exhibit of GaiaZOO has opened in early 2016. Together with the team of GaiaZOO, a new large exhibit was designed. TVK ZooDesign was asked to design the landscape and plantings for the new exhibit. Special feature is the new pond which acts as a natural water storage and drains the slopes around the pond. At this way, the ground is not to wet for plantings and the African wild dogs have a natural drinking pool.

01 - Opening African wild dogs GaiaZoo